Fast-switched capacitor banks for Kype Muir Wind Farm

Posted by: Gary
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Enspec and Senvion engineers have designed and developed fast-switched capacitor banks for Kype Muir Wind Farm combining the reactive capability of the turbines with fast-switching point-on-wave technology.

With advances in turbine technology it is now possible to harness the dynamic power of the turbines to manage much of their own reactive power. This means that the turbines can be used either as a direct solution in some instances or as part of a bigger hybrid solution such as the design employed at Kype Muir. We believe that this is the first design of this type to be employed here in the UK offering both innovation and economy.

We have incorporated Vizimax SynchroTeq MV technology into the capacitor bank designs. Point-on-wave technology is increasingly employed to provide rapid switching operations free from transients and inrush currents.

Following a successful factory acceptance (FAT) test the 3.5MVAr and 6MVAr capacitor banks will be transported to Kype Muir Wind Farm over the summer. We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

First electrical generation will be late September this year with full operation by January 2019.