Thinking inside the box

Posted by: Gary
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A two-stage independent switching capacitor bank design for Afton Wind Farm.

A Scottish wind farm with a relatively small footprint and requiring greater switching flexibility recently tested the skills of our Design and Engineering Teams.

Following an initial site analysis we developed a detailed specification which was followed by conceptual design work to accommodate two independently switched capacitor banks. During the design and development stages of the project our Design Team were able to increase the load of both capacitor banks from 3MVAr to 5MVAr while effectively combining two units into one to fit the space available.

This innovative design offers greater flexibility where one or both capacitor banks can be switched to offer higher or lower levels of compensation.

Combining two units into one also offers potential cost reductions (due to a reduction in components used) and a carbon reduction with less raw materials and paintwork required. During the operational life of Afton Wind Farm, the design may also offer the benefit of a reduction in maintenance time.

The two-stage independent switching capacitor bank was commissioned at Afton earlier this year.